The beauty of photography!

I'm always amazed at how time flies when you have a baby. One day you have a tiny human who can't do anything without you and the next you have an active baby that loves to find new places to hide. That's when you ask yourself: how did this happen? 

That is why I love photography! You get to freeze a memory and you have forever access to it!! I get to create so many of these freeze-in-time moments for so many people and I am so blessed they are choosing to capture them. 

Being a baby photographer lets me experience how a tiny life can change in 365 days! 

My experience was the same as everyone's, I feel I just had my baby girl and now that I look at her she is almost 2 years old! I love creating things for her, I love capturing her expressions and even her tears. I have so many pictures that I'm sure some of them will never be printed, and I plan to take many more. 

Lifestyle session with baby girl in studio

This is one of my favorites pictures of her. She is so curious and wants to try everything and she just jumped at the opportunity to try this set. 

Don't waste anymore time and start freezing memories! You can hire a photographer for the most important ones (it is really difficult to enjoy when you are worried about the pictures you are taking) and you can take care of the rest.