Free to create! - Worland, WY Baby Photographer

I really love all the types of sessions that I do but one of the funnest ones is my Baby Picasso Session.

I am sorry to say this but it won't be too long before you tiny baby will no longer stay still and wait for you to be moved. After their first year they start to be more curious about their surroundings, they love to explore and to experiment! 

This is the time to let them create something unique! 

Baby paint smash session with non-toxic paint in Wyoming 

Baby Picasso sessions can be done in-studio or outdoors depending on the weather. I ask the parents to choose 4 to 5 colors (think about colors that go well together) and the day of the sessions the happy baby will have a chance to create art on a small canvas with non-toxic water based paint. 

There is not theme or fully decorated backdrop for this sessions. The main focus will be your little one being free to create. 

Baby paint smash session with non-toxic paint in Wyoming

Remember what Picasso said:

"All children are artists." 

And this couldn't be more true! 

The greatest thing about this type of sessions is that your little baby doesn't have to be posed, he/she can have so much fun with the paint and being able to be as messy as they want (and not in your home hehehe) 

Have a little one who would love to be free to create??