Shoot and share results! - Wyoming portrait photographer

This year I entered the Shoot and Share contest for the first time. There were 12 rounds and photographers all over the world submitted 412,379 photos! Can you believe that number?? 

I wasn't really expecting to get past Round 1, since it was my first year and I didnt really prepare for the contest, but everytime that I voted and saw one of my pictures (which is rare) I got more and more excited!

I made it to Round 12 meaning I got a Badge for being a Finalist and its kind of bittersweet because my Image ended up in 112th place in the creative category, so I was almost part of the Best of the Best which is the Top 100 photos in each category. 


Overall it was a great experience and I am so happy I went all in and took a chance! Check out the images that got a badge and tell me which one is your favorite?