Safari Baby - Worland, Wy Newborn Photographer

When I first talked to Kirstin and Travis, they still didnt know a baby boy was coming their way. They had already picked the name, but they were just waiting to know. I feel I had been also waiting with them for this baby to arrive. 

Remember his mommy's maternity session? No wonder baby Tatum was so good in front of the camera! 


He was a dream to work with. He slept so good and sometimes I didnt want to move him, because he looked so peaceful. His theme was "Safari" and I had to get the cutest lion bonnet and stuffie for him to wear. 


While I was editing I kept thinking I should have gotten an explorer hat, those beige round ones that look a little vintage. I have no idea where I could have gotten it, but it would have been nice. Maybe for his milestone session! 

I also got a request from his parents. Travis is from South Africa and mommy is from here and they wanted something to represent that and thus the picture with the flags was born. I love how it turn out and it reminded me that I am also away from home, living in Wyoming and enjoying this adventure. 



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