2017: A year in review - Worland, WY Newborn Photographer

I know I already did a blog post this year, and guess what? I forgot to say Happy New Year!! It's just like when each January I forget which year it is and I almost always get it wrong. 

One of my favorite parts of 2017 was having my own newborn model. I had so much fun planning his sessions and baby James did not let me down. I have a hard time picking a favorite picture but I think Baby Totoro and baby Potter win the price! 


I became a member of APNPI and will be working towards my accreditations this year. Like I always say, newborn safety is my main concern and I work very hard offer the best for you and your little ones. This year I also took several workshops online and one in-person and had so much fun learning new techniques and drawing inspirations from amazing teachers. 

It was my first full year in business, the first year I had a session on snow (which is amazing since we live in WY) and the first time I had to cancel a session last minute and only because I was on my way to the hospital to deliver James.  

It was a bad year for blogging because I kept forgetting to do it, but it was an amazing year! I got to meet new people, to experiment, to be creative.

I have so much I want to do and create... and 2017 was just the beginning. Welcome 2018!




Diana Andersen2 Comments