Ninja Turtles in Wyoming!

Sometimes babies are not fond of their Cake Smash Sessions, just like Baby Adrian. He loved being carried around by his dad and would smile and laugh while his parents try to make him more comfortable, but we would start taking pictures and he'd cry. 

It might seem like a failed Cake Smash but I believe it's quite the contrary. He has his own personality and knows what he wants and what he doesn't. That's why I just love the images where you can see his dad holding him. You can see how much he is enjoying that!


When he gets older and goes through his pictures with his parents I am sure they will laugh and they will tell him the story of how his dad had to lifting him up and carrying him around to make him happy. Of how his mommy tried to make him smile for the camera. Besides, he rocked that little outfit making him the cutest Ninja Turtle!