Oh, but darling, what if you fly? - Wyoming portrait photographer

We are our worst critics. Most of the time.

It is so difficult to be able to create something wonderful and share it with the world because we are afraid of what people are going to say. 

Every so often I do need encouragement and that's when my sister comes in. She is the best! It's funny because, as I was reminded today, a decade ago we didn't get along. Going thru her emails she found one my mum sent while she was living in Japan, asking her to please get along with me because we were going to be sleeping in the same room when she came back. Now I just can't imagine not having her "by my side" (and by that I mean facetiming), while we live our adventure in Wyoming. She is always encouraging me and reminding me of my worth.

So I took the plunge and submitted my work to the Shoot & Share photo contest and I went All In, submitting 50 photos. I am nervous but whatever the outcome may be: I will learn. I will grow. I will keep creating.