Just waiting... - Worland, WY Maternity Photographer

I am not sure what I am going to do with two little ones. I am sure I will be ok since I didn't know what I was going to do when my first baby was born. Three years ago I was, like I am right now, just waiting for the time to come. 

No matter how many online articles, books, or how much advice you get from others, nothing can prepare you to the journey and adventure called Motherhood. Like many others, I can't remember a time when my daughter wasn't with us. She is 98% of the time with me (including sleeping time, since we co sleep). 

We do everything together, and even though sometimes I wish I had some time for myself, I wouldn't trade our little world. 



She is almost 3 years, but she will be forever my baby. I have learnt so much during this time. I am more patient, stronger, not scared to face anything (including bugs), and more aware of my surroundings and the little everyday things. 

I live for her happiness, for the little funny things she says. I live to see her learn to do things on her own, to explore her world and, with sadness, to become more independent. 

She made my heart grow bigger and hold so much more love than I could imagine. She makes me laugh, she makes me mad, she makes me cry, she makes me be silly, but above all, she makes me a better person. She made me a mommy. 

And for that I will forever be grateful to God.