Emily's Milestone Session - Wyoming Milestone Photographer

I love photographing Emily! She is so such a happy baby and she is always ready to smile at you. At her recent milestone session she was more active than when I saw her last time. She was teething and doing all this silly faces that you couldn't help but love. 


She also wanted to explore and wanted to see everything around her and that remind me of something:

Usually when we grow up we lose that sense of wonder. 

We think of everything around us as normal and nothing to be amazed at, but photographing babies makes my life much more meaningful. I bet every parent will say the same and it's so true because now we see the world through our babies eyes! Every little thing around us is so amazing if we stop and think about it. I know it's difficult with our busy schedules, but if you ever feel you need more in your life or you just need a little spark in your life, think as a child and remember all the wonders around you. 

Now go on and be amazed!