Paint fight fun in Wyoming

When thinking of family pictures people sometimes worry about their kids not cooperating or holding still enough to take the pictures. The thing is, sometimes family pictures are better without the posing. The smiles I got from this session were real and not only did I get to capture all the fun, but also the strong bond this family shares.

When Talena told me she wanted to have a family session with her boys my brain went crazy trying to think of where to take the pictures, how to take them, etc. I knew I wanted something unique for her, because I believe that's who she is, a very unique person. 

I also wanted something fun and something her boys would enjoy as well. Then, it hit me: a Paint fight!!!!  

outdoor paint fight session in Wyoming

I had so much fun that day. The boys were running around laughing and trying to paint each other. It was perfect. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did!