A magical place called Hobbitenango

When I knew I was going to travel to Guatemala I started planning to have a session with my little hobbit at Hobbitenango

I also knew that I wanted to stay there. I wasn't sure how everything was going to work or if I was going to have the time to go, but I'm so glad I stayed there!

If you are traveling to Guatemala, make the time to go and visit. They have a restaurant over there, so you don't really have to stay the night to enjoy the amazing view, but if you want the whole hobbit experience (sleeping at the hobbit house), you must make your reservation to stay. Right now (October 2016) they only have one house/room but soon will be opening a new one.

The hobbit inspired baby session in Hobbitenango Guatemala

We only stayed one night, although I wish I could have stayed more. Everybody was super friendly and they really take care of you. The food is really good too and I loved the natural pineapple juice that reminded me so much of a Guatemalan drink called "ponche". 

Lord of the Rings inspired baby session in Hobbitenango Guatemala

Don't forget to wake up super early to see the amazing sunrise and of course you should get there before night time so you can enjoy watching the sunset with a nice cup of coffee.  

landscape of volcanoes in Guatemala from Hobbitenango